Thursday, November 20, 2008

This is the end (almost)

Drawing 299

Drawing 300

Drawing 301

Eeep! 300 drawings! 301, even. I'm still amazed. They make quite an impressive packet, or pile, or heap, all nestled together.

My blog title is a bit misleading, perhaps. It's not the end of drawing (I plan to continue that until I get totally sick of it, or my hand falls off, whichever comes first), but almost the end of (this round) of school. My last two classes are tomorrow. We're not really doing much of anything now, as the end draws near, but I wouldn't miss them for anything. Miss my last chance to spend studio time with a group of people I've grown to (mostly) love? Miss my last chance to bask in the (mostly) joyful experience of the past two years? Not likely :)

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