Thursday, September 24, 2009

More dead things

Drawing 611

Drawing 612

Drawing 613

Drawing 614

Drawing 615

In addition to Nevermore, the raven corpse still mouldering in his bucket of enzyme detergent (weather is yet to warm up enough for action), I now have a poor unfortunate brushtail possum - victim of a close encounter with a vehicle, not mine - processing in the yard. He is a big boy, I always forget just how large brushtails can be. I shall add possy's bones to the sole item in my bone collection so far, my ringtail possum skull. Who knows what will grow out this?

Carnage on the lawn

Oh, I do love me the hard rubbish collection! The Bloke, out on his bike, spotted arms and legs protruding from a vaguely coffin shaped container a few houses down the street from my place. Nope, not a murder victim, discarded with the deceased washing machines and household detritus too heavy or too big to go in the weekly garbage bin - but most of two battered and beaten mannequins. I have four arms, four legs (though one limb is in two pieces: a thigh on its own, and a foot and calf), four hands (one with half its fingers missing), one head, but no torso whatsoever. The second decapitated cranium pictured is a doll-y head and shoulders, likely for hairdressing play. Hmm (picture me rubbing my hands together, emitting evil laughter), what ever shall I do with this lovely haul?

After last year, I swore "No more hard rubbish raiding!" but these were too good to resist.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Strange fruit

These strange growths are the result of a winter's stress knitting. All from stash yarn, some recycled from other objects. The one on the far left of screen used to be a different scarf (not knitted by me, can't remember where it came from), very wide and very solid - I like it better now it's more open (plus it used to weigh a ton, and I have lots of this yarn left). The purple, green and red ones use lots of random yarns, just a couple of rows of each, from plain to eyelash to mohair. The orange-ish pair are made of yarn reclaimed from a Savers jumper that I deconstructed; the yarn is a multicoloured ribbon with a hairy acrylic. I have plenty of that one left, too! The dark blue (poorly photographed) scarf is also knitted from lots of random yarns, with many in this one coming from a big bag of assorted yarn I bought a year or two ago at the Trash and Treasure market for a mere $5.

Sometimes I like a knitting challenge, and sometimes it's all about the process. Mindless knitting Good.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Drawing 601

Drawing 602

Drawing 603

Drawing 604

Drawing 605

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Big 600

Drawing 596

Drawing 597

Drawing 598

Drawing 599

Drawing 600

Another nice round milestone number. I may get to 1000 drawings yet.

I was shuffling through the boxes in my spare room, truffling for crafted items with an eye to perhaps tackling a craft market in the next few weeks. I used to do the craft market circuit years ago, stopped because it was a) hard work, b) early starts (me 'n rising at sparrow fart, not a happy mix), c) I got tired of hearing the snide comments from some shoppers. Not many, but it soured the whole thing. This market begins at 9am, and ends at lunchtime. Doable.

But I digress. I stumbled across the Christmas crafts box, oh yes, I remember those little fabric trees, and the fabric stars. Oh, and the scented coasters. Shuffle, sort. Hang on, what are these? Hexagonal patchwork placemats? Hmmm, don't remember them. But they're "my" fabrics and yep, those are recognisably my stitches. My memory is coming up blank, I have no recollection of actually making the things, but I must have!

There was a period where I was frenetically making stuff to avoid thinking about a stressful situation, maybe I made the placemats then. It's a mystery...but I do like the product and may make some more, after happily fondling my stash of Christmas fabric.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Scrawl, scribble, scratch

Drawing 591

Drawing 592

Drawing 593

Drawing 594

Drawing 595

Some days it's just not worth getting out of bed (or out of what passes for my pjs). What to do, what to do? Turn to my drug-of-choice and read Janet Evanovich's "Fearless Fourteen". Ahhh, a few hours spent with Stephanie Plum, the long-suffering Joe and the delectable Ranger, et voila: I feel better. Almost better than chocolate (although if there had been any chocolate in the house I'd have snorfed down every single bit).

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Brighton opping

I went to meet friends for morning coffee in Brighton, just opposite the St Andrews Church Op Shop - just too hard to resist popping in before time on my carpark ran out. A Scientific American, 1982, from the free basket, just because I like the fish. May be used in a collage. There are some great images of brains inside, too.

Continuing my enjoyment of Richard Gordon's Doctor... series with two I haven't read before, $1 each. A red covered novel for my ongoing art project, 50c, and "Cornet of Dragoons" because I loved the cover, also 50c. I may use the Dragoon dustjacket for collage or drawing over, and the book also goes into my stash of books for the mysterious project.

Two brooches, bear and bub and Mr. Moose, $1 each. Matchbox for scale. There was a basketful of these brooches on the counter.