Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Strange fruit

These strange growths are the result of a winter's stress knitting. All from stash yarn, some recycled from other objects. The one on the far left of screen used to be a different scarf (not knitted by me, can't remember where it came from), very wide and very solid - I like it better now it's more open (plus it used to weigh a ton, and I have lots of this yarn left). The purple, green and red ones use lots of random yarns, just a couple of rows of each, from plain to eyelash to mohair. The orange-ish pair are made of yarn reclaimed from a Savers jumper that I deconstructed; the yarn is a multicoloured ribbon with a hairy acrylic. I have plenty of that one left, too! The dark blue (poorly photographed) scarf is also knitted from lots of random yarns, with many in this one coming from a big bag of assorted yarn I bought a year or two ago at the Trash and Treasure market for a mere $5.

Sometimes I like a knitting challenge, and sometimes it's all about the process. Mindless knitting Good.

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