Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Big 600

Drawing 596

Drawing 597

Drawing 598

Drawing 599

Drawing 600

Another nice round milestone number. I may get to 1000 drawings yet.

I was shuffling through the boxes in my spare room, truffling for crafted items with an eye to perhaps tackling a craft market in the next few weeks. I used to do the craft market circuit years ago, stopped because it was a) hard work, b) early starts (me 'n rising at sparrow fart, not a happy mix), c) I got tired of hearing the snide comments from some shoppers. Not many, but it soured the whole thing. This market begins at 9am, and ends at lunchtime. Doable.

But I digress. I stumbled across the Christmas crafts box, oh yes, I remember those little fabric trees, and the fabric stars. Oh, and the scented coasters. Shuffle, sort. Hang on, what are these? Hexagonal patchwork placemats? Hmmm, don't remember them. But they're "my" fabrics and yep, those are recognisably my stitches. My memory is coming up blank, I have no recollection of actually making the things, but I must have!

There was a period where I was frenetically making stuff to avoid thinking about a stressful situation, maybe I made the placemats then. It's a mystery...but I do like the product and may make some more, after happily fondling my stash of Christmas fabric.

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