Thursday, September 24, 2009

Carnage on the lawn

Oh, I do love me the hard rubbish collection! The Bloke, out on his bike, spotted arms and legs protruding from a vaguely coffin shaped container a few houses down the street from my place. Nope, not a murder victim, discarded with the deceased washing machines and household detritus too heavy or too big to go in the weekly garbage bin - but most of two battered and beaten mannequins. I have four arms, four legs (though one limb is in two pieces: a thigh on its own, and a foot and calf), four hands (one with half its fingers missing), one head, but no torso whatsoever. The second decapitated cranium pictured is a doll-y head and shoulders, likely for hairdressing play. Hmm (picture me rubbing my hands together, emitting evil laughter), what ever shall I do with this lovely haul?

After last year, I swore "No more hard rubbish raiding!" but these were too good to resist.

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Caroline M said...

Feet are handy for displaying socks on, you might want to chop it off mid calf though.