Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Consumerism begone

The above is a fat quarter featuring cats in a fabric I didn't have - now added to the basketful of cat fabrics already in my collection. $2 from Bentleigh Market.

On the weekend I went to DFO, Direct Factory Outlet, looking for new saucepans. I haven't really been shopping in over two years, an economic move made necessary by the limited means available to me whilst living on a student allowance and little more. This enforced removal from the world of consumerism appears to have become an engrained habit. I wasn't enticed at ALL by any of the fripperies on offer, though I did look in the bookshop and at the Birkenstocks (ooh, pretty, oh my, look how expensive, quick, run away!). No saucepans within my budget, either, except at the really cheap warehouse place - one large 24cm pot purchased for a measly $10. I was quite surprised at the level of non-interest the place held for me. Shopping is no longer an entertainment to me, I couldn't get out of there fast enough :)

On the other hand, a trip to the Bentleigh market was more my speed. Trash and treasure, yep, bring it on. I bought three things for under $10 total. The fat quarter above, and the game below for $1 - I plan to re-paint it and turn it into an art piece, a book-like object. I've been looking out for a wooden version of something like this for a while; there are lots on card, but few wooden ones, particularly complete. This doesn't look played with much, or perhaps the previous owner took good care of it.

And a pair of embroidered shoes, too pretty to leave at $4 and just my size. I gave them a gentle hand wash and they're now nice and fresh. Of course, now the weather has turned to rain and I can't wear them. Yet.

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