Friday, August 14, 2009

Before 'n' after

Poor tired cushions

Bright new cushions!

I've been tackling a reupholstery job for a friend's outdoor furniture. Don't know who last recovered these cushions, but they had an, hmmm, interesting technique! Basically, they made a gigantic bag, tacked and pleated at strategic points to make it fit, sewing it very securely to the underlying structure in the process. It took me three quarters of an hour to de-upholster two
of the cushions in order to make a pattern.

Three chairs of cushions looked rather intimidating, but once I got going it was fairly straightforward. I was rather impressed with myself (and my, as I usually claim, sub-standard maths skills) that the first fitted cover on the seat was close to spot-on first time. It could've done with being perhaps a tad tighter but for ease of getting the things on, looser probably worked better. As it was, I had a major wrestling bout to get the large semicircular cover onto its base (much swearing ensued) - its sheer size and weight meant it fought back. Ain't no pillow gettin' the best o' me!

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