Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What's with all the fish?

Drawing 621

Drawing 622

Drawing 623

Drawing 624

Drawing 625

So, it has taken me nearly two weeks to feel almost back to what passes for normal around here, after what the doc says was most likely a virus, but I suspect may have been food poisoning. Either way, not much has been happening in this neck of the woods due to extreme fatigue and inertia. I did manage to keep drawing-a-day going, though some days it was a major effort!

Confession: I vowed last year NOT to succumb to the temptation of rescuing any more treasures from the hard rubbish collection. This year I already fell off the wagon with the disembodied mannequin parts, but I fell again: two bookcases, in slight need of sanding and perhaps a new back on the smaller one, but otherwise in good condition. In the dead of night, the Bloke and I balanced the larger piece on the roof of the car on top of a blanket (for traction) - I have no rope - and drove v-e-e-r-r-y carefully the kilometer or so home. It didn't so much as threaten to topple off, even around the corners. Now I need the weather to improve so I can go to work on them outside (sanding is too messy even for the garage, plus it's dark in there and last week I found a mummified mouse corpse when I was sorting out my own stuff to discard in the hard rubbish. Ew! Mousie is now keeping the raven company in its own little jar of enzyme enhanced laundry liquid, processing. I'm hoping for a mouse skull!).

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