Friday, April 2, 2010

Bitchin' stitchin'

A selection of wrap skirts listed on Etsy over the last few days.

This one is from an op shopped length of retro green lusciousness. If there'd been a little more of it, I'd have made this for myself but it was just a tad scant.

Blue and green floral, from an op shopped sheet. I'm not sure it's actually vintage, but the motif harks back to the sixties/seventies. Pretty, anyway. I still have quite a bit of this one left to turn into something else. I wonder why the fabric stash never seems to diminish despite all my making? I've bought very little over the past two years but the pile is still humungous.
An op art-ish cotton skirt from a piece I bought on sale, though I can't remember if it was at Spotlight or Darn Cheap, who are exactly what their name says. I love this design.

And this purple and white geometric pattern, made from a huge length of polyester I bought on Ebay about an eon ago. I try to use natural fibres, but sometimes a design will suck me in. I do like the geometric patterns. Bold is good.

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