Monday, May 3, 2010

Pineapple pup

The pineapple still lives, nay, thrives! It is larger than my fist now, and still growing, as is it's healthy topknot of leaves. I wait with bated breath for it to ripen - apparently the fruit body will turn golden yellow.

There is also a "pup", a baby pineapple plant, growing from between the leaves of the original plant, pictured here with a friend (the garden is populated with praying mantis, this one is a gorgeous vivid green - he doesn't really blend with the pineapple leaves but he seems quite happy there). When the pup gets a bit bigger, I'll twist it off and plant it in a new pot to grow on all by itself. When I harvest the growing fruit, I plan to plant the
crown of that, too. Someday in the distant future, I may have a pineapple plantation in the back yard :)

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