Thursday, June 17, 2010

1000 journals

Drawing 836

 Drawing 837

Drawing 838
Drawing 839

Drawing 840

Last Sunday night there was a program on ABC2 called 1000 Journals. Wow! I'm so inspired. There's
a website that's well worth checking out at 1000 journals

So many inspiring pages and artists, and now even more art journalling (yes, that is so a verb). My drawings-a-day have become something of an art journal exercise, but after seeing this tv show I've now started an art journal proper in an old hardback book (from the op shop, nothing precious - not sure why I feel I have to justify altering a book, but I have copped quite some criticism for "defacing" books in the past. Probably will again in the future!). In the last four days I've completed six journal pages. I turned the book upside down and back to front, my usual habit with printed matter :)

Outside the constraints of drawing-a-day (self imposed: black, red, grey, occasional gold and silver), I'm using colour, at least at times. I do love me a black/red/grey piece. And it's good to have two pages to draw
on rather than one. I have some ideas for embellishing the cover, but I'm still mulling over those. No theme,
just doing whatever I feel like at the time. To come: collage and paint, yes, actual paint! So far I've stuck to the tried and trusted ink pens, and watercolour pencils. I'm going to dig through all my art/craft stuff and go wild...

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