Monday, August 16, 2010


Drawing 931

Drawing 932

Drawing 933

  Drawing 934

 Drawing 935

Sometimes a shape gets under my skin and I draw it again and again, compulsively. Obsessively. These ovoids with crosshatching are currently in residence, and I can't stop drawing them. I try, I draw something else, and the next day, there they are: back again. Sometimes they change form a little, but essentially the crosshatched ovoid reigns supreme. For now.

Other than the ovoids, I'm wrestling with altering a pair of cotton pants, part of a tunic/pants set from Africa (meant to be worn by men, but also worn by me). I've been wearing the tunic for a couple of years but the
pants languished in the alteration pile, too long in the body and legs. I removed the drawstring - I like a gathered waist, it's very comfortable, but prefer elastic - then  chopped a couple of inches off the waist, and pinned a new channel for the elastic. Then I started my temporary job and the pants sat there, no longer in the alteration pile but not going anywhere. Today I picked them up again and sewed the new waist, put the elastic in and (too late) tried them on. I thought I'd measured and tried on before reaching the pinning stage when last I worked on them, but evidently not. They're now too short in the body. Pooh! So I am frogging the waist, cursing dark purple thread on this dull grey day. But at least it's progress, of a sort :)

One day I shall triumph over the unfinished projects heap.

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