Thursday, July 31, 2008


Drawing 193

Drawing 194

Drawing 195

Drawing 196

Drawing 197

School is keeping me busy! It's getting to be the time of year for decision making, too, about what I'll do next year once this course is over in a few short months (sob! I don't want to think about it being over). The universities hold open days over the coming weeks, and a group of my fellow students and I are going to one on Sunday - armed with a list of questions, so pity the organisers who encounter us! Stuff like the chances of mature age students, part-time study, any exemptions for study we've done in our current course, possibilities of deferring for a year (I'd like to go into any further study on a steadier financial footing than I'm on at the moment, and will likely have to work next year).

This uni offers a semester in Florence - oooh, imagine studying in Italy!!

I'm looking at a degree in Fine Art, but am dithering about a major. Painting? Yeah, I so much don't paint, but it does offer flexibility in that it can incorporate mixed media, drawing, sculptural elements. Printmaking? From what I've heard from others, this isn't so cross-disciplinary. Sculpture? Maybe, though I've gone off on a drawing tangent lately. Decisions, decisions. By the time I've gone to at least two other open days, I fully expect my head to implode.

I had a productive day today, though. Finished an A3 size drawing in ink over pre-prepared watercolour paper; I wet the paper, dripped red and purple ink over it, swirled a bit, then hit it with a spray bottle. Pretty! The spray makes the ink jump about and create organic branching shapes. It makes a really lovely background for drawing over with black ink (I say draw, but I use a brush - inking? Sounds like a tattooist). I plan to make some more backgrounds like that,
with different colours of ink.

Also finished another page in my artist's book, and added some more text to complement earlier pages. I just love the combination of words and drawing, it's very satisfying. Plus made my drawing-a-day in class, and began another page in the book - so far just an outline, but on its way.

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Miss Frugal said...

hi can i just say i love your drawings i really havn't seen anything like it with the writing in the background.Did you learn this yourself or was it part of your course?

Curious miss frugal aka sally