Sunday, August 24, 2008

Phew! Caught up :)

Drawing 219

Drawing 220

Drawing 221

Time, where does it all go? I never seem to have enough time. I'm like the White Rabbit, running around looking frantically at my pocket watch (I seldom wear a wrist watch, it's always buried in the bottom of my bag or pocket) and muttering to myself. Need to calm down!

My brain is a bit full at the moment. Full of a rotten cold. Full of stress. Full of school. Full of homework (or rather, full of panic about homework not started, or not done, or not good enough, or due in, or...or...or). Full of exhibition panic. Full of family stuff. Full of fed-up-with-winter.

Just full. I think there's stuff falling out of my head, never to be seen again.

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