Sunday, August 31, 2008

Knitting valium

Drawing 228

I've been knitting a LOT lately. Stephen King refers to book valium, which works well, too, but my current sedative of choice is knitting. These are currently making my feet very happy:

Knitted totally from stash yarn (scraps and odds 'n' ends - for a woman who only learned to knit four years ago I seem to have accumulated quite a bit of yarn), a pair but not matching. It's all 8ply so they're thick but very comfy for house socks. Better than slippers for keeping my tootsies warm, and I can wear them in bed - can't do that with my slippers.

These came first, though:

I couldn't resist the lime green, though it's crappy yarn, and the black stripes really make the colour pop. Also very thick and good for house socks. I'm onto a third pair out of various greens and blues (but not the lime - it overwhelms everything else) with two rows of yellow separating each stripe. I like!

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