Sunday, September 14, 2008

The beat goes on

Drawing 229

Drawing 230

Drawing 231

Hmm, that was an unintentionally long and unplanned blog break! Things continue apace - usually breakneck - here at Chez Exploding Brain. Our (that's the class, not the royal 'we') printmaking exhibition opening night went off swimmingly with a large crowd in attendance - we hold the record for number of wine bottle opened and consumed :) Several pieces have sold, but sadly not any of mine. The exhibition looked great (should have, took six of us four hours to hang!) and there have been many compliments. Now the class is gearing up for our Graduate
Exhibition in mid October, just a few short weeks away. But we do have a two week term break beginning on the 19th - just one more week! I need to work on getting my serenity vibe back...

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