Thursday, September 25, 2008

I am a sock knitting fiend

Drawing 253

Stripey green socks: a pair but not matching (in that the stripes are a random arrangement of greens and blues, with the cuff, heel and toes all in the same green). I am a little in love with the repeating yellow stripes in between each blue/green length.

Another multi-coloured stripey pair of socks commissioned by one of my classmates after seeing the first multi pair I knitted for myself. I am surprised by the amount of yarn I seem to have amassed in the stash since learning to knit three or four years ago (The Bloke taught me in about fifteen minutes, after my mother told me - on her 4th or 5th attempt to impart knitting skills -
that I was unteachable :) Three pairs of scrappy socks have diminished the stash somewhat, of sockish yarn at least.

Now I should return to the black shrug I abandoned at exactly the halfway point of the back, after running out of steam for knitting an apparently endless round of black, black and oooh, black. Perhaps I can convince myself that since I'm halfway, it's all downhill from here. Or else cast on another pair of socks!

Oh, and I've discovered a way to get me over second sock syndrome, a malady to which I am all too prone. I cast on the first cuff, knit to the heel flap, put that aside and knit the second cuff, knit to the heel flap, go back to the first sock and knit the heel, pick up the second sock and knit the heel, knit the first foot and toe, then - ta da! - all I have left is the second foot (I just typed 'food' instead of 'foot' three times - must be hungry) and toe and I have a complete pair of socks, painlessly. And no poor abandoned first socks languishing for want of their mate.

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Caroline M said...

I think that they go faster that way because they race each other to the toe.