Saturday, January 10, 2009


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I am in a decluttering frame of mind (I was going to write "decluttering frenzy", but frankly, I just can't get frenzied about cleaning!). I tackled the nightmarish tower of half-started projects, abandoned UFOs, mending, collections of themed fabrics, and clothes to refashion that lurks in the corner of my bedroom, and people: I am apalled. There's stuff in there that I forgot I even had. Good stuff, too, stuff I could be wearing or using - several of the items just need minor mends or hems taking up or something similar. And that doesn't take into account the, erm,
several boxes of dressmaking fabric or craft materials on the other side of the bedroom. Or
the stacks of fabric destined for making stuff to sell on Ebay or Etsy. Or the studio full of art materials (not so much unfinished stuff in there, though, just a couple of pieces). Or the garage full of furniture to refinish or adapt to another purpose.

I don't make New Year resolutions, but I intend to tackle some of this Stuff. The household is beginning to feel like a big albatross about my neck, filled with attention-demanding goods. Getting some of it finished or getting rid of it will be good for my psyche. I'm in that (deluded, perhaps) state of mind that thinks that all I need to do to solve some of the things bothering me is to Get Organised. Get the stuff organised. Get better storage. Get rid of stuff. Clean up the house (and the garden, oh, let's not think about the garden - but I am. I want to plant vegies: zuchini, carrots, more tomatoes, more potatoes. Maybe beans.).

Start slow. Keep going. Get there. Eventually :)

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