Thursday, January 22, 2009

A year of drawing-a-day!!

Drawing 361

Drawing 362

Drawing 363

Drawing 364

I have an idea about making this drawing into a bigger piece, with a "handful" of these heads-on-sticks, like a bunch of balloons or lollipops.

Drawing 365

I made it to a whole YEAR of making a drawing each day (not a calendar year, there was a spell last February where I was too sick to do anything but moan about feeling miserable and ended up in the hospital emergency room, so I think I'm excused). 365 drawings make quite an impressive little tower of pages. The ideas keep flowing, and I've made several other works inspired by my daily pieces.

So many ideas, so little time...especially now I'm working part-time in a quilt shop. Woohoo! Fondling fabric I don't have to pay for all day, it's such a hardship. Thus far I resisted (mostly) the siren call of bolts of lovelies whispering: "Buy me!" "No, buy me!". I did succumb to a fat quarter of cowgirls on a powder blue background, to add to my stash of cowboy fabric. One day the stash will grow up to be a quilt.

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