Friday, February 20, 2009

Halloween Hexes

This is the quilt I've put together WHILE AT WORK. I sew during the quiet times, and it really is this quiet. It's all halloween fabric with orange centres and green spacers. Spiders and skeletons, ghosts and ghoulies, witches and cats, pumpkins and skulls, candy corn and owls. Cute! Single bed size, hand pieced. Four more pumpkins to go along the bottom, six half-pumpkins to even out the top and bottom rows, then I might do a row of black ones all the way around and bind it with either the orange to match the centres or green to match the spacers. Or maybe a bit of both :)

I may even go the whole hog and hand quilt it with perle cotton. Orange? Green? Black? Decisions, decisions...

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