Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Pile o' pumpkins

During the quiet moments (er, hours) at work (once I've dusted, tidied the fat quarters, tidied the shelves, dealt with any deliveries, and while there aren't any customers) I've been doing some handwork. The pile above (matchbox for scale) is what I've achieved. I've been using up a bunch of Halloween scraps, with the addition of some Halloween fat quarters and a little yardage. I LOVE Halloween stuff, so I have a bit of a collection (okay, maybe three large ziploc bags!). I'm using the English paper piecing method, making hexagons. The central hexagon is orange, the surrounding six hexes either random scraps or six in the same fabric. The pile of pumpkins (even though this a kind of grandmother's flower garden pattern, I can't call them flowers - so they're pumpkins) numbers 46, all completed at work. I did cut papers at home, in front of the tv.

I've started sewing the pumpkins together with a variety of lime green hexagons as spacers, and the little quilt is turning into a fair sized quilt very quickly! I'm always amazed at how fast this pattern goes together once I start sewing the preassembled units to each other. If the smoke in
the sky from the horrendous Victorian bushfires ever clears and the bloodred sun returns to normal, I'll take a photo of progress so far. The light outside is not conducive to photography.

I'm very lucky that's the biggest of my problems.

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