Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Recycled yarn

Before: imagine this op shop jumper is twins - I bought two of them for $1 each. Abercrombie & Fitch, womens size large (perhaps that's why they were in the op shop - this looks like a small to me!) with bonus gorilla arms, 40% lambswool/30% nylon/27% acrylic/3% polyester.

After: this is one of the jumpers deconstructed into its constituent yarn, and partly reconstructed into a pair of Bloke socks (yep, more socks! I'm still in need of sedatives, evidently). There are little navy blue squiggles of yarn throughout the house, turning up in the cat's food bowl, and even one or two magically transported into the backyard, byproducts of the unravelling process. Undoing a jumper is strangely satisfying, both in a destructive and constructive way: watching the progress of frogging versus the steady growth of the new balls of yarn. By the time I undo the second jumper I will have a surfeit of navy blue.

Let's take a little gaze into my crystal ball...ah, the mist is clearing...I blue knitting...socks for me, handwarmers, maybe a beanie...lots and lots of navy blue knitting!

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Caroline M said...

It makes for cheap knitting, if you get sick of the colour you could try dyeing it purple. I've recycled many of my 1980's pieces, the long sleeve knitted dress with matching vest went on forever.