Monday, June 15, 2009

Still off with the birds (and a bone)

Drawing 501

Drawing 502

Drawing 503

Drawing 504

Drawing 505

A first: I had a job interview last week (that's not the first, more like the forty-lebbenth) in a gorgeous old school (architecture, oooh! Pilasters and plaster roses and carved doors, lovely nineteenth century Victorian). The first? The interview was conducted whilst I was sitting in a comfy armchair in front of a roaring open fire. Very cosy, especially given the frigid conditions outside. I likely won't hear the result for another week or so.

Had a busy week, cleaning my poor fingers to the bone in preparation for the annual inspection by the real estate agents. They need to ensure, after I've rented here for twelve years, that I'm not trashing the property, I suppose. It does mean that once a year I do a super dooper houseclean, so everything is now (very temporarily) minty fresh, tidied, dusted, vacuumed, de-cobwebbed, scrubbed. I even washed the kitchen ceiling, kind of, with the mop. I need a better ladder to get up there and do it properly, it needs more elbow grease than I can muster on the end of a long handle. And all the fabric I've had out over the last months, abandoned in front of the wardrobe, is now colour sorted and put away. I rather miss it :)

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