Friday, July 3, 2009

Been working - and getting paid!

Drawing 506

Drawing 507

Drawing 508

Drawing 509

Drawing 510

I spent the last week and a half in paid employment - woohoo! Unfortunately, it was a temporary post and ended on June 30 with the financial year. Still, it was good to get paid, and interesting to be in an office environment again, but the work was rather brain numbing; it needed doing, and will be useful, but it was the kind of work that would be okay for an hour or so in betwixt a variety of other tasks. It takes on the aspect of the story of Sisyphus (pushing the boulder uphill only to have it roll back to the foot of the slope and having to start all over again) when undertaken for eight hours a day. But paid is good :)

In further bird news, my raven corpse is now a raven teabag (no disrespect intended). It appears that laundry liquid with enzymes will process proteins other than that on your dirty clothing, so Nevermore has been inserted into a mesh onion bag and is soaking in a solution of soapy (or should that be detergent-y?) water in the hope that at least some of the flesh and feathers will be removed. On inspection, it is only slightly stinky and the enzymes appear to be doing something, if slowly. This would likely be a faster process if it were summer instead of winter.

Yesterday, returning from picking up some artworks I entered in a Small Works exhibition, I encountered the flock of corellas in the local park while walking back to my car. They were busily excavating the lawn - once I saw them head and shoulders deep in holes they'd dug with their beaks and claws - and fighting over who got to drink from the people drinking fountain. Until a little wattle bird decided the invaders should go, now, and started dive bombing the corellas. For birds about four times the size of the attacker, those corellas sure are cissies! Much screeching and retreating, attempting to land on the overhead power lines - several miscalculated and ended up dangling upside down from one foot, flapping crazily. I wished I'd brought my camera. Perhaps I should take up birdwatching :)

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