Saturday, July 25, 2009

I feel a rant coming on...

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I hate mobile phones. I'm not too fond of phones in general, but mobile phones are worse. Not only do people have no manners regarding their use of a mobile in public (my pet hats: loud personal calls, answering the phone in the middle of a conversation, having the phone glued to an ear whilst ignoring a shop assistant, etc, etc), but not having one's mobile turned on CONSTANTLY is becoming an issue. For me.

My mobile is only turned on when I'm using it to make a call. It's there for my convenience, not for that of anyone else. Recently I've endured lectures from my Job Network Provider (or whatever they're calling themselves at the moment) and from an employment agency about the absolute necessity of a) having a mobile (often I'll lie and tell people I don't have one rather than explain why it's pointless to give them the number), and b) having it on at all times and being available 24/7.

I don't WANT to be available or accessible 24/7. I've consciously limited my accessibility (not for jobs, but for external things impinging on my time) and I resent the modern expectation that we should all be on the end of a technological device like some sort of aural umbilical cord. Want to talk to me while I'm out shopping, or in the garden, or driving, or in a movie? Tough! Try the landline (though I may screen if I don't feel like talking!) or email me. I will get back to you :)

Maybe I'm a phone luddite.

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