Friday, July 3, 2009


How can a little black cat, who weighs barely 2.5kg and has a brain about the size of a golfball, outwit me every time I try to catch her? I got the cat carriers out a couple of days before the planned capture, as the sound of the cages rattling send both cats scurrying for cover. Pye is easy to catch, he just scrunches down in the hope I can't see him and goes into the cage with a minimum of fuss. Bel does a disappearing act each and every time I so much as think about trapping her, no matter what precautions I attempt. I thought I'd sussed out all her hidey holes, but there's a new one and she planted herself in it the other morning, nowhere to be found.

Until, about an hour after her brother had been ignominously carried off to the vets, she thought the threat was over and made the mistake of reappearing. I pinned her to the ground, scooped her up and she was in the carrier before she could squeak (though there was plenty of squeaking during the journey).

Perhaps she opens an interdimensional portal and simply sidesteps off this plane of existence for a while. Since I looked EVERYWHERE, that's the explanation I'm going with...

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