Saturday, December 12, 2009

In my fiftieth year

Drawing 652

Drawing 653

Drawing 654

Drawing 655

Drawing 656

It's true, the longer between blog posts, the harder it is to get back into the habit. I shall persevere.

Still preparing for the group exhibition, opening this coming Wednesday December 16th. I have two mixed media works to stretch onto frames, one three-part ink/watercolour piece to finish and insert into a bought frame, and one mixed media (ink, acrylic, collage) on canvas to tweak - I think it needs something else to complete it, perhaps some plantlife in the foreground (it's of fish creatures floating in a blood red background with collage weed). And, of course, the staple gun has decided to hide somewhere in the (cluttered) garage. I'd better get a wriggle on, because we hang it on Tuesday!

I turned 49 last Monday. I'm considering embarking on a "fifty" project of some description, perhaps a blog of fifty things I want to achieve or do in the coming year and the following one, too. I figure 2010 is my fiftieth year, and 2011 is my year of actually being fifty, so I get two years to work on my Fifty Project :)
Did consider creating fifty art works based somehow around the number 50, but that may a bit too ambitious added to drawing-a-day, the other half-finished art works lurking around here, and all my other crafty projects. Plus the day to day boring stuff of life. We shall see, I'm still thinking ("I have a cunning plan").

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