Friday, February 5, 2010

Pineapple progress

The pineapple continues to grow. It now has quite a long stalk, a developing crown of leaves, and the "body" has little purple tongues of flowers. The leaves of the plant itself were looking a bit worn out, perhaps pumping all the plant's energy into the developing fruit, so we gave it a feed with some fertiliser and it's looking much happier. Also added some compost around the base where some of the soil had leached out and what should pop up, but a healthy looking tomato seedling. Sometimes I wonder why I bother buying fancy seeds or seedlings, I could just fill a pot with compost or spread some on a garden bed and see what develops. Pumpkin, tomato and melon seeds seem to enjoy passing through the composting process and hurl themselves lightward with abandon - I've plucked out at least twenty little pumpkin leaflets from the tomato pots, and at least as many extra tomatoes looking to take up residence with the advanced seedlings I planted out.

Here you can see a little of the long stalk underneath the fruit.

And a detail of the tiny flower tongues studding the fruit body. This is such a fascinating process, eating any fruit that eventuates is like the icing on the cake - a sweet treat, but not the whole point :)

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