Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I'm still working my way through the sewing stash. I bought this fabric at Darn Cheap, the store I love - it's a rare visit when I don't come out of there with something lovely. This was on sale during one of their January clearouts at $1 a metre, and I think I got 10 metres. They even rolled it onto a cardboard core for me. It's semi sheer with mostly black and white ideograms, scattered with a few coloured ideograms. The pattern is VERY simple, a "For Dummies" one, but the idea appealed to me. Basically sleeves joined across the back. I have an idea for a knitted one similar to this, but not so voluminous, which I tried to create last winter. Major failure and I frogged it, but this has cleared up my concept and I'll try the knitted version again in light of my discoveries making this. I'd use the pattern again.

Bad photo, really should have ironed that skirt! I seldom iron except when I'm sewing.

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pansylovr said...

Great fabric! but I love the feel of this shrug...Nice job, E!