Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Doin' the safety dance

Another length of fabric transformed into something wearable, even if I do glow in the dark whilst wearing it. I'd kind of forgotten quite how bright an orange this piece of cotton voile was, but I still like it. More slow stitching with french seams and fifteen (yep fifteen!) buttons down the closure - a feature, donchaknow (yes, I needed a feature, as if the colour didn't already scream "Look at me! Look at me!"). The buttons all came out of the button box, which I'm beginning to believe has similar qualities to the TARDIS. I'm not sure where they came from and there may even be more little orange buttons in there, but fifteen seemed a reasonable number at which to stop looking. Even slow stitching, I suspect my patience would have worn thin had I needed to make another buttonhole. Though my Janome does make a nice automatic buttonhole, I must say.

I'd also forgotten, or never took any notice, that voile is, um, kinda fine. This means it will be cool in the (almost over, hurrah) southern summer, but it also means it's a little translucent. And guess who doesn't currently have a flesh toned brassiere? It turns out that black, or blue, or red undergarments are highly visible under voile. Even fluoro orange voile. I do have a camisole, though, so all is not lost.

I am pleased with the way all the buttons look. Funny aside: when I was stitching the buttons under the buttonholes, I finished number fourteen and couldn't find the final button. Hmmm, whatever could I have done with it? I could've sworn there were fifteen originally (I almost always use an odd number). Not on the table near the machine. Not on the floor. Don't think a cat would've swallowed it (and if a cat did swallow it, I don't think I want it back). I figured it would turn up. Or not. Wouldn't be the first time I've been missing the bottom button on a shirt.

It turned up - the next time I used the machine I took the buttonhole foot off and, lo and behold, there is the fifteenth button, still in the little gripper doodad that tells the machine how long to make the buttonhole. Duh!

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Caroline M said...

I have the same buttonhole foot although I usually just make one that I like and then tell it to make all the others the same. For a moment there I thought that you were going to tell me that you'd made 15 buttonholes by hand.

You could wear it open over a scoop neck t shirt thereby getting around the bra thing.