Monday, September 20, 2010

Pineapple eating time!

You might remember the saga of the pineapple, five years in a pot and finally it produced a flower followed by a fruit. It's taken most of 2010 to mature to eating point, but it finally got there this month. That's a lovely view of my compost bins and the fuschia-that-thinks-it's-a-Triffid in the background.

It was probably a little past it's prime because we weren't sure when it was ready to eat. Most of it had turned yellow. I think we waited a little bit too long because the insects had discovered it; there were a few bad spots where the little boogers had penetrated the skin. But we still got a few slices of yummy ripe pineapple off it, and I'll plant the new top and the pup it produced. So who knows, in five years time there may be TWO pineapples!

The fruit ended up about the size of both my fists put together, so a reasonable size. Considering Melbourne is considered too cold for pineapple plants to survive much less flower and produce an edible fruit, I count this as a botanical success :)

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