Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Pye has developed an obsession with boxes. He was always keen, but the addiction is escalating. There are now (hmmm, counting...) six cardboard boxes around the house for the cat to play with. There's three in the living room, one in the sun room, one in the kitchen and one in the bedroom. This is the kitchen one. If he wants attention, he runs to the nearest box, though sometimes he goes to his favourite in the sun room, even if it's further away. The favourite hardly deserves the title of "box" - it's barely two inches high, more a cardboard tray than a box! Once ensconced in the current box, he expects to be patted and skritched under the chin. I can pat the box and the cat comes running for his fix. Sometimes he even tries to sit in the flat of tinned tomatoes underneath the kitchen cupboards, only because it has a cardboard tray underneath. Perhaps he's trying to tell me to save that one for him, too.

Who's in charge of this house, anyway? (don't answer that)

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JahTeh said...

The cat is in charge, the cat is always in charge by an unwritten law. Pye is lovely, and in charge.