Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ghosties and ghoulies

I made this Halloween hexagon quilt top last year, while I was working part time in a quilt shop - there were a lot of quiet periods in the shop, and I cut out and hand sewed two and a half quilt tops in the three months I was there. I think I posted a picture of this last year (look under the "quilts" tag) as an almost finished top but felt it still needed something. It wasn't quite done. Adding the black border makes the colours almost float. I like it much better now.

Most of the fabrics came from a stash of Halloween scraps I was gifted, with a few of my own (large) collection thrown in. The lime green and orange accents - well, what can I say? I love me some lime green and orange, the brighter the better.

Spiders and ghosts, ghoulies and goblins, witches and beasties, candycorn and pumpkins. I feel a Halloween themed skirt coming on, with bright orange bias binding on the seams. I'm not sure I can bear to cut into my favourite pieces of Halloween goodness, though...

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Nann said...

I couldn't get the photo to ocme up on the Yahoo site, so I'm glad to see it here. Did you intend the pun (Halloween and hexes)? Wonderful colo(u)rs!