Saturday, February 16, 2008

Hey, brain, please SHUT UP!

Drawing day forty-two

Drawing day forty-three

The ideas-generating portion of my brain seems to have slipped into overdrive and is coming up with ideas almost faster than I can write them down. While I was completing yesterday's drawing (late in the evening whilst watching the footie on tv), thoughts on what I could do with it kept floating to the top of my mind: screenprints on cards/clothing/fabric, sculptures using boxes and wire as found objects, then their title(s) popped into my head. They're imps so each with have a name like IMPasto, IMPortant, IMPressed, IMPeril. Then I couldn't stop thinking about all the words starting with "imp-", on and on! I had to go fetch a pencil and visual diary to put beside the bed just in case I started awake in the middle of the night with an idea that would disappear with my snores if I didn't write it down :) (which has happened, and recently).

Not complaining, though - I have enough ideas to work on for a couple of lifetimes, and there are more coming.


pansylovr said...

I am "IMPressed" and happy to see you so "IMPowered' by this project. I love looking at them daily.

Caroline M said...

It seems impertinent to mention that it is impossible to stop thinking about these once you've started. Gee, thanks for that E!