Friday, April 25, 2008

Wheeee! A century of drawing-a-day

Drawing number 100!!

Wow! I was surprised to make it through a week of making a drawing every day, even more suprised to still be going at the one month mark, and now I have made it to drawing number 100! It's become a daily habit, something I deliberately make time for and I'm still enjoying it.

Oh, there are days when I'm pressed for even ten minutes to spare, but I'm amazed at what
I can accomplish even in a short time. Some drawings work better than others, but it's been a great way to work out some of the ideas simmering in my head and build on them.

In other news, I am having a little panic about what I'm going to do once my course of study is over in November (a way off, I know, but I'll soon need to make decisions about applying for study next year, if that's the way I want to go). School has been such a joy, I love the learning but what has been perhaps the best part is the sense of community: that my fellow students and teachers are on the same journey as me and speak the same language. I'm afraid of losing that.

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