Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Wild weather

Drawing day seventy-seven

It's been a wild day. Went out for lunch (yum, crispy fried combination egg noodles) with a friend and as we were about to leave the wind flared up and the power went out. Outside there was debris swirling madly about, and branches down all along our route. The driveway to her
workplace was blocked by a large fallen tree. There are several large pine branches fallen from the trees on my front lawn, and I had to tie my tree dahlias to the fence. Well, temporarily: I was forced out into the maelstrom to untie a couple of the heftier and more leaning trunks because they were threatening to bring the fence down. The remaining stalks are very battered.

There have been major dust storms, bridges are closed. The wind was so extreme the police actually recommended that non-essential personel in the centre of the city go home - I've NEVER heard that before.

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