Sunday, December 28, 2008


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I've been having some really vivid dreams lately.

One of last night's has stuck with me all day. I was at my ex-job, and there were massive renovations being undertaken. One of the general bugbears at that job was that a visit to the loo required a trek of near marathon proportions, and in my dream the loos had been moved even further away, down a staircase, up another, down yet more flights. From their original institutional grey concrete, ferrous red walls, narrowness and general inconvenience (oh, how I hated those stairs - they were so depressing!), as I descended and descended and descended the dream stairs gradually morphed into a grand sweeping flight of red carpet, accented with gilt and art deco lamps, brass handrails, like something out of a classic Hollywood film that Fred and Ginger would grace. These stairs finally debouched out of velvety darkness into the bright light of - wait for it! - NEW ZEALAND. Clear fresh air, snow capped mountains, crisp evergreens. My dream self was thrilled, and I wandered about enjoying the view, trip to the loo forgotten (it did occur to me this morning that my bladder was perhaps trying to tell me something, but all was well). After some time, it occured to me that I should get back to work, but someone said: "You can't go up the down staircase, you'll have to catch the tram." The dream gets a bit confused after that, but that was some tram ride - steep, dark, crowded, and at some point I was holding a raven covered in mud. Plus the trip back took two days, and half of it was on sand rather than tram tracks :)

Returning to work anxiety, much?

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