Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Drawing 307

Drawing 308

Drawing 309

Drawing 310

Drawing 311

I feel like I'm in limbo now that school is actually over (at least for now - gotta find a job for the next 12 months or so, then maybe back to school for a degree). I knew it was coming, but it still took me kind of by surprise. Now I'm not sure what I'm doing with myself. Apart from job-hunting, of course :)

It's the in-between, not sure where I'm going or what will happen feeling that's bothering me. I feel the need to make a veeeerrrrry long list and take control (at least in my head).

I miss my classmates already, miss going to classes, I even miss having a deadline - who woulda thunk that! However, several ex-classmates and I have an exhibition planned, opening December 16th, so I have that to work towards. Hmmm, now which works will I put in that...and what needs a frame...do I have time/energy to make something else...

Ah-ha! I think I have fixed on a good limbo-be-gone remedy. I have startitis already.

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Janet said...

Best wishes with the exhibition, E! Yeah -- there's something to work towards.

Lists are useful, anyway; even if you don't get everything on them accomplished, it reminds you of things you might have forgotten about.