Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Sleeping beauty

You'd think Pye could find a far more comfortable spot to snooze in the sun, but no, his current favourite spot is on the hard ridged back of the cane couch. I love the way he kind of ooooozes either side as he relaxes. My cats have always been skittish, but Pye is turning into a bit of a softy (though he pretends otherwise) in his old age; my two will be ten this year. He permits me to pick him up now, protesting as I do so, but the purring and the settling into my arms gives him away.

Drawing 349

Drawing 350
Still obsessed with the scales. I have an idea to make something like this into a sculpture to sit on the floor, with the central oval a mirror with an eye drawn on it and the tentacles three dimensional.
Drawing 351

PS. The Bloke managed to get the pickled onion jar open after an epic struggle, during which pickle juice threatened to erupt all over the kitchen. Victory is ours! Mmmmm, pickled onions...

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