Tuesday, December 30, 2008


This is my nemesis.

I had a craving for pickled onions (no, not for any particular reason - or perhaps because I want something with TASTE since low-carb is so boring). Brought my treasure home, lusting for a burst of flavour...alas, I cannot get the blasted jar open. I tried all my true and trusted jar-busting remedies: a pair of rubber gloves (I don't wear them, just put one over the lid and one around the jar) for traction, a large rubber band around the lid (also provides grip), tapping the lid gently to loosen the seal.

I tried cussing the thing out, but it just sat there, taunting me.

Since I've had carpal/cubital tunnel syndromes, my hands are not strong, and the twisting grip required to force my way into pickled onion paradise is beyond me.

The Bloke has larger, stronger hands. I'll have to wait till he turns up for my pickle fix. Pooh!


Caroline M said...

Have you tried pouring hot water (kettle hot, not tap hot) over the lid? The metal expands more than the glass making it easier to get off.

Pearl said...

looks like you need to get one of those special jar openers, that you can get for people with artheritis. they're actually pretty good. I've got one.
Then there's no waiting when your feeling like raiding a jar :)