Thursday, January 21, 2010

Purple Slow Stitching

This is the purple check dragonfly shirt that I made. Sorry for the crappy picture, the mozzies were about to eat me alive and I wasn't staying out to take more photos! The body of the shirt is purple check with little embroidered dragonflies scattered over it, and the sleeves and yoke are a solid handkerchief linen. I like this two-tone effect and will use it again (there is a large pile of shirt fabric lined up). I enjoyed making this! The buttons are five odd ones from the enormous button stash - I like the look of non-matching buttons (they match in size but not design or colour, except that they're all variations of purple/mauve). I've lost count of how many times I've used this particular pattern. Must be at least half a dozen incarnations.

Here is the dragonfly I stenciled and embroidered on the centre back of the yoke. The stencil wasn't quite crisp enough for my taste, so I split-stitched around it to give it a better edge.

This a 'swing' style vest in purple cotton, again with all raw edges either enclosed in the facings or french seams. The cotton is probably a little crisp for the design - it would be better in something more flowing, like jersey, maybe - but will soften with washing. It's a simple pattern, two main pattern pieces plus a neck and arm facing, and a button loop, but because it's cut on the bias takes a lot of fabric. Again, the button is from the seemingly bottomless button stash. I like the way this turned out; there's a jacket variation (basically the same as the vest but with sleeves) and a sleeveless top that I may make in the future. Pants, too, but I kind of swore off making pants due to fit issues. Perhaps I should try again.

I'm enjoying the sewing process now that I'm less deadline focussed. Taking pleasure in making and not worrying about finishing in a time frame. It will be done when it's done :)

Next: hmm, so many choices. Perhaps a skirt...

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