Friday, January 22, 2010


Yeehaa! The tomatoes are finally colouring up and I ate the first one yesterday evening. It was delicious. I can't remember what sort these are, the plant is a volunteer that popped up in the same pot that I planted a tomato in last season. The fruit along this vine is slowly ripening, one by one. They may not make it as far as the kitchen because it's too tempting to eat them straight off the bush. Sometimes I'm conscientious enough to wash 'em under the garden tap, sometimes not.

In other vegie news, the zucchini are powering along. So far I've picked 20 zukes, many more on the way. The food dehydrator dealt with several, most have gone into meals. The dried zucchini were something of a taste surprise - the 'chips' are very sweet and the texture appealing enough to eat on their own as snacks rather than just reconstituting into soup or casserole. I'm sure a handful of zucchini chips will be much better for me than a cookie...

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Anonymous said...

This isn't the same thing, but I can purchase "veggie chips" at the grocery store (they're lightly salted, so probably more bad for you than good)... my favorites are the zucchini and carrot slice chips -- yummy! And more tender than you might imagine.

The other veggies included in the package are green beans, taro, and sweet potato. They're produced in Taiwan.