Saturday, January 9, 2010


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Drawing 705

I tend not to make New Year's resolutions, but I am aiming toward a few goals (not related to the turning of the calendar, more in general). One of them is to get rid of stuff I don't need. I'm beginning to feel oppressed by the level of stuff in my house and garage, and I'm slowly whittling away at it. I think this oppression is preventing me starting projects (or finishing them), simply because I feel overwhelmed.

To this end - the whittling - each day I aim:
  • to clean/tidy something (at least in part - could be in the house/garage, may be in the garden)
  • work on a sewing or art project (don't have to finish, just progress)
  • draw every day (which I do, but it doesn't hurt to restate)
  • chuck something out (might be in the bin, might be in the box for freecycle/op shop, could be the "sell on Ebay or Etsy" box, might be in the "Sculpture Stuff" box, purpose of contents as yet undetermined)
This is a minimum, if I get more done, hey, bonus! And it's not hard and fast, if I miss a day it won't matter. It's to aim for.

Today I have:
  • put away a basket of clean laundry
  • worked on a sewing project (a drapey asymetrical vest, in glorious purple)
  • made my drawing-a-day, plus an extra drawing and a half (!)
  • sorted about a third of my wardrobe, culled one outfit for the "sell" box, and set a top aside to refashion - it needs shortening at hem and sleeves
Little by little, I intend to win the Battle of the Stuff.

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