Monday, May 19, 2008


Drawing number 125

This morning I went to an auction. Not my first (the first was a sherrif's sale - all sorts of goods, I bought a desk for $10 and a four drawer filing cabinet for $30. Bargains!). Today's auction was for all the plant and contents of a maternity clothing manufacturer that went out of business, so industrial machines (sewing, overlocking, button sewing, buttonholers, cutters), HEAPS of fabric, buttons, trims, elastic, dressmaking mannequin, display mannequin, computers, tables etc. etc.
Went to the viewing yesterday and marked several items, some just out of curiousity, some to bid on.

I came home with a $5 drawing table and a four wheeled flatbed trolley for $15, with a spade and a tub of drill bits and blades (The Bloke was pleased!) thrown in on the trolley. Last of the big spenders, eh? Put bids in on more lots, but they went past my self-assigned top limit, some only just. It would be easy to get carried away, but I stuck to my budget - several large lots of fabric were tempting, though. Two or three thousand metres of material for a couple hundred bucks! I bid on the mannequins, too, but was just pipped. I suspect if I'd gone a bid or two more I might have been successful - see note about sticking to budget :)

The cats are on a sniffing frenzy: new stuff!

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Minakla said...

Wow good job, (sticking 2 your budget and all) sounds like you got alot of good deals though :)