Thursday, May 1, 2008

Day off

Drawing number 103

Drawing number 104

Drawing number 105

Drawing number 106

Got to painting class this morning to find the day's classes cancelled - the teacher was sick. So, bonus day to myself. I managed to read the newspaper in one hit instead of a few minutes here, a few minutes there, accompanied by an early second cup of coffee. It was a cold and wet morning, a pleasant day for sitting at the dining room table with a hot drink, reading matter and two cold cats, glancing out at the raindrops.

I made two skirts to list on Ebay, made my drawing-a-day (the last one above, which I think, with adaptation, will be just the image I need to finish a print I'm working on, and would also be good printed multiple times on fabric), worked on the current drawing in my artist's book, finished reknitting the toes of the Bloke's socks (inferior yarn on one of the stripes which literally disintegrated with wear - I ripped it back to a good stripe and just reknitted as it wasn't worth darning. I hate darning, anyway, I'd rather reknit than mend!), and had a nap :)

In tomorrow's painting class we present our current project, Mechanical Reproduction. I'll need a computer to present mine: I made an animated .gif of one of my drawings. I'm so chuffed that I managed to navigate the program (with the Bloke's invaluable aid) and actually make the thing, I could burst...though it wasn't half as complicated as I feared. Now I know how, I may make more!

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