Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Curvy models

Drawing number 110

Drawing number 111

Life drawing class yesterday was a good one for me - made one ten minute drawing that was rubbish, then (grimly) waded into three twenty minute poses and turned out some that I'm happy with. It helped that the model is a lovely large lady with wonderful curves :)
And that I like working with different surfaces. I seem to be seeing things differently, composition wise, this year - less awkward, editing the pose to work for me. I'm getting quite good at editing out hands/feet (draw big! Oops, look at those extremities end up off the page). They're hard! I really should practice them more...

The morning class was cancelled (the teacher was sick), but we were allowed into the computer lab to wrestle with photoshop despite the lack of supervision (or help, which was much needed).
I seem to understand one process in photoshop, think I've mastered it and ten minutes later can't remember for the life of me how to repeat the action I just performed. Frustrating. I much prefer Irfan view.

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