Thursday, May 29, 2008


Drawing 131

Hmm, I was attempting to draw a monsterish back view but it seems that my life drawing class made a big impression on my subconscious. That doesn't look so much like a tail...but she is wearing a frock!

Drawing 132

Drawing 133

Be still my beating heart: I have a new love.

Ink on canvas.

Or, more specifically, ink on canvas sealed with (stinky) rabbit skin glue. Today I started drawing on the canvas I prepared last week (at least, I think it was last week - end of semester is looming over me and the days are beginning to blur) and I LOVE it. The surface is so lovely it was hard to make the first mark on it. I sat and stared at it for several minutes with a pencil in my hand before I could bring myself to begin, but once I'd drawn the first line I was hooked. This surface even takes an eraser well - with a gesso primed canvas a pencil mark is all but impossible to remove, it just makes a big ugly smudgy mess - but on the rabbit skin glue it's easy to erase a mark, hardly a trace left. I'm inking one of the monster shapes that have been appearing in drawing-a-day, a bulbous bodied, two legged beastie with two eyestalks at the top.
Using a small paint brush (but NOT painting, inking!) the ink flows so wonderfully, and it looks great against the parchment coloured base. And I like drawing big :)

I'm itching to get going on it again tomorrow. Plans are hatching for at least two more, perhaps several more...

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