Friday, June 20, 2008

Ahhh...holidays :)

Drawing 154

Drawing 155

Drawing 156

Had my last class a couple of days ago, now it's holiday time! Three weeks with no homework and no pressure, lovely :)

Went out for lunch with some classmates today, paid some bills on the way home, did a little op shopping (the Salvos is just a few doors from the bank, so hey, convenient!), visited the library to change my books since I now have more time to read, and now I need a nana nap after all that fun. I made some interesting finds at the Salvos: Simplicity's Simply the Best Sewing Book for $2.75, three "The How and Why Wonder Books" (Caves to Skyscrapers, Mathematics, and Winning the West) at 75 cents each, and a plain white t-shirt (looks like it was never worn) to tie dye, for the grand price of $2.35 because blue tags were halfprice today. The "How and Why Wonder Books" will become part of my found paper for printmaking. Well, maybe not Winning the West - it's kinda too cute to tear apart. No photos of my haul because it's turned rainy and the artificial light is flaring on the covers; maybe tomorrow.

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