Sunday, June 15, 2008

White tree dahlia

Drawing 150

Drawing 151

Hmm, I think I'm winding down for the semester break a bit too fast! There are still two classes to go and handing in my print folio, but my brain seems to have flipped into holiday mode already.

I think I want to sew something that's not for Etsy or Ebay, and rather just for me. I need to go have a rummage in the fabric black hole(s) for something not too challenging, fast and satisfying.
Perhaps now is the moment to deconstruct the Josie and the Pussycats doona cover I bought in the op shop last year and make a skirt - I don't usually do pink, but who can resist (hums) "long tails and ears for hats"? Now I'm going to have that theme song stuck in my head...

I mentioned that my white tree dahlia was finally flowering - picture below. I bought a tiny piece at the local market, probably only a few centimetres in length - you plant sections of an existing plant to propagate these. It took a year or more to really establish (the corner I chose is perhaps a little dark) but I took a cutting and planted more near my clothesline. I thought they'd died of drought, but after a bit of rain in December, two healthy trunks sprouted up and now have buds and a couple of flowers out. They're different to my established pinky-purple dahlias, with a double flower of tight little curved centres and sparser long outer petals, probably around 8cm across. Forgive the photo, it's winter.

White tree dahlia


Janet said...

Flowers don't GROW in winter where I live. Okay, maybe the crocuses start blooming when winter's almost over...

Amelia said...

hello, I was wondering if you knew about Melbourne's collaborative op shopping blog 'I op therefore I am'

there are links there to maps and addresses of Melbourne's op shops. let me know if you are interested in joining.

regards, Amelia