Sunday, June 29, 2008

World War 3

Drawing 164

Drawing 165

Drawing 166

The Bloke brought me a green velvet recliner from the op shop and it's prompted something
approaching WW3. The cats think it belongs to them. They are sadly mistaken. Whenever I get up, there's a bitch fight as the felines battle for possession of the vacated territory. If I'm in residence there's a black cat perched on the right armrest while the grey cat perches on the left armrest, waiting like vultures for the opportunity to occupy my (prewarmed) spot.

It IS a very comfy chair, and there's a danger that I will just sink into it and be planted for the duration (especially with the recliner feature engaged - good for napping!) with my knitting, book and the tv remote in easy reach. I have some sewing to do, but I hear the green velvet siren calling me...

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Jean said...

I love the direction the drawings are going. I almost want to see a slide show from the first to the latest, one after another. The Evolution of E!